ph.d design [@fbaup fct id+ i2ads]

21 january 2014

presentation of my ph.d in design. title: marks semiotics, contributions to the construction of a syntax and visual rhetoric in identity design. jury: miguel carvalhais, jorge dos reis, francisco laranjo, francisco providência, antónio modesto and eduardo aires.
[photos by dear friend alexandra fontes ribeiro photography]


arcada: moderator [@eseig ipp]

5 july 2013

exhibition and conference.


faculty of arts - university of lisbon

6 june 2013

presentation at the design nucleus at the phd in design about my research project.


ipca - est

8 may 2013

lecture on identity design and my research project.


mdgpe - faculty of arts university of porto

15 november 2012

workshop at the graphic design and editorial projects master.


international conference on design and graphic arts: ii cidag

24 october 2012

presentation of a research paper about identity design published in the minutes book, in tomar.


faculty of arts university of porto

17 october 2012

class about identity design invited by susana barreto.


public defense of my research report

24 september 2012

presentation at faculty of arts university of porto.


central saint martins college of arts and design - london

13 september 2012

poster presentation on semiotics and picture marks design at design emotion conference: out of control


1st national encounter of design phd

14 july 2012

presentation of the research project in udesign’12 conference in university of aveiro.


guimarães 2012

13 july 2012

presentation of work at and collaboration on the organization of the conference and exhibition wit eseig, the institute of design and university of minho.


university of arts london camberwell

23 april 2012

workshop at university of arts london camberwell: identity strategy / graphic analysis tools.


enric jardí

29 march 2012

exploratory interview to enric jardí.


josé vaz

16 march 2012

exploratory interview to josé vaz (faculty of arts university of porto).


22 february 2012

workshop 'tools for a visual analysis'

workshop on part of the ongoing phd research to the ma students in graphic design and editorial projects of the faculty of arts - university of porto.


international conference

6 february 2012

paper accepted for international conference on communication, media, technology and design - istanbul.


bruno giesteira

27 september 2011

exploratory interview to bruno giesteira.


workshop steven mccarthy

26 september 2011

attends the workshop personal identity design: from logos to pathos to ethos, with steven mccarthy in faculty of arts university of porto.


brand new

16 september 2011

attends the brand new webconference 2011 held in san francisco (with vince frost, christopher simmons, marina willer, paddy harrington, jonathan notaro, claudia boggio and alfredo burga, matteo bologna, ben and barry everett katigbak).


chermayeff & geismar

june 2011

attends the web master class: chermayeff & geismar's design process revealed with sagi haviv.


intermediate defense of my research project

25 may 2011

juri constituted by professor quadros ferreira, eduardo aires and susan barreto.


(thinking) about design thinking

23 may 2011

attends the seminar (thinking) about design thinking, with michael dacosta babb and steinar valade-amland at faculty of arts university of porto.


exhibition of the research projects

16 may 2011

communication design of the exhibition of the research projects of the doctoral students and subsequent exhibition at the museum of faculty of arts university of porto.


the endless end

6 may 2011

presentation at the conference the endless end: the 9th international european academy of design conference, with the paper the logo is not flat.


elipse da duração

25 february - 13 march 2011

exhibition at the palace pinto leite: elipse da duração - ipp. presentation of visual identity works and video.


francisco providência

6 february 2011

interview with francisco providência.


antónio queirós

4 february 2011

interview with antónio queirós.


eduardo aires

2 february 2011

interview with eduardo aires.


rui mendonça

31 january 2011

interview with rui mendonça.


d&ad and visual methods conferences

10 december 2011

attends the d&ad conference: creative excellence perpetuating, with rhiannon james (at eseig).
attends the visual methods conference: resources and uses in the social sciences, with sarah pink (at flup).


tom dorresteijn

17 november 2011

web interview with tom dorresteijn.


armin vit

9 november 2011

web interview with armin vit (brand new conference organizer and author on the site underconsiderantion / brand new).


brand new

5 november 2011

brand new web conference conference in new york (with michael johnson, michael lejeune, michael bierut and paula scher, christian helms, tom dorresteijn, connie birdsall, jordan crane and karl heiselman, erik spiekermann).


paula scher

19 october 2011

web interview with paula scher.


michael bierut

18 october 2011

web interview with michael bierut.


cyan, peter knapp and niklaus troxler

12 october 2011

workshop with the cyan workshop.
interview with cyan (daniela haufe and detlef fiedler), peter knapp and niklaus troxler.


vasco branco

2 august 2011

exploratory interview with vasco branco.


lev manovich

17 june 2011

attends lev manovich conference on visual analysis (at feup).